22: “A buffet of entitlements”

In this grand season finale of Stacktrace, John and Gui review the iPad Smart Keyboard Folio, Apple Watch Series 4, discuss entitlements, electrocardiograms and reveal the latest spelunking findings including (and we’re not kidding) - new details about AirPower.


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21: "Redundancy for your redundancy"

Rambo runs his first ever App Store sale, John continues prototyping using his new iPad Pro, and the two discuss what it would take for the iPad to reach its full potential, what makes up a good backup strategy, and how Swift has fundamentally changed programming for Apple's platforms.

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20: "More magnets than the North Pole", with special guest Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie joins John and Gui to discuss the new iPad Pro, the pros and cons of doing work on a tablet, and how we'd like iOS to change to take full advantage of the new hardware.

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19: "Artistic touch tool"

With Apple's October event just around the corner it's once again time for John and Gui to face off in a game of Keynote Poker. But before that, the two review the iPhone XS Max, the 2018 15" MacBook Pro and...Silicon Valley?

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18: "What happens in Vegas..."

John and Gui discuss the newly revealed iPad Pro details, how people are building custom faces for the Apple Watch, and - after AirPower shows yet another sign of life - what's good and bad about the web in 2018.


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17: "Spelunking rehab"

Is Apple using CoreML to determine the relevance of push notifications, what new features will we see in this year's new iPads, and why are we disabling GitHub issues for our open source projects?


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16: "Server buddies"

After returning from their adventure in Spain, John and Gui take a closer look at iOS 12 and some initial spelunking findings from the iOS 12.1 beta. Also, why Mac hardware leaks are not as common as iOS ones, and several tips and tricks about productivity and time management.


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14: "The mother of all leaks"

Analyzing Rambo's latest spelunking findings - high resolution marketing images of the new iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4, followed by our second edition Apple Keynote Poker game. It's speculation time!

Poker scorecard

Follow along our poker game and make your own bets! Download our scorecard and let us know what your predictions are for the upcoming Apple event.


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13: "Underwater Apple Museum"

John and Gui speculate what Apple might have in store for the fall - including the rumored new MacBook and Mac Mini - talk about updating apps to the latest version of iOS, discuss the state of third party Twitter apps and answer questions about prototyping and system-level widgets.


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12: "Kicking the clock down the road", with special guest Casey Liss

Casey Liss joins John and Gui as the very first special guest on the show - to talk about going indie, CarPlay, and to analyze all of the new spelunking findings from the fifth beta of iOS 12.


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11: "What's a computer?"

John and Gui talk about Apple's recent updates to the MacBook Pro and the aftermath of their release, and use that as a starting point for a discussion about the future of the Mac and what really makes a computer a computer.


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10: "Parallel universe Rambo"

John and Gui celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the App Store by talking about how app development and design has changed during the last decade, followed by an in-depth look at the new Shortcuts app and an introduction to Sharecuts.

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9: "Non-pro laptop"

John and Gui dive into the latest news about AirPower, with some brand new details about iOS as an embedded platform. Apple's recent keyboard repair policy then prompts a discussion about what makes a pro machine and what the perfect developer laptop could look like.

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8: "I can has debugger"

After settling the scores from last episode's poker game, John and Gui dives into the announcements and news from WWDC 2018. What does the new Shortcuts system mean for Siri, how useful is Augmented Reality really, what's it like building a Mac app using UIKit and Marzipan, and much more.

7: "WWDC Poker"

On this special pre-WWDC episode of the show, John and Gui play a special variant of Poker to share their predictions, speculations and hopes for what Apple might release at WWDC 2018.

The Aftershow

Join us for the first Stacktrace Aftershow on June 5th, a live video stream on which we'll share our reactions to the WWDC keynote and answer your questions about Apple, tech, programming and beyond!

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6: "S**t will happen department"

John and Gui talk about Google's and Microsoft's recent announcements at their developer conferences, and how they might affect Apple. They also discuss the viability of 3rd party Twitter clients, whether Apple is behind in terms of AI, and if a developer's cut of an App Store sale will ever be increased.

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5: "Space Gray Mode"

John and Gui dive deep into the possibilities of a WebKit & macOS system-wide dark theme and discuss all the new rumors about a declarative cross-platform UI framework for Apple's platforms.


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